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  Physical Changes
to the Coast
  Settlements & Society
  Managing the Coast
  Schools Learning Materials
Introduction to the materials in the archive

Going to the Seaside - Exemplar materials for National Curriculum Geography Key Stages 1&2

The New Smugglers - Exemplar materials for National Curriculum Key Stages 3&4

Mapping Change in Place and Society

Diversity and Citizenship in the Countryside

  Introduction to the Materials in the Archive  

The Archive can be used to support teachers and students in understanding the Dorset Coast in a multitude of cross-curricular ways and through links to interesting partnerships. It has four parts at present:
Topic 1 INTRODUCTION TO THE MATERIALS IN THE ARCHIVE shows how the archive can be used through an examination of a coastal area, mostly one parish.
Topic 2 EXEMPLAR MATERIALS FOR NATIONAL CURRICULUM have been designed to meet the expectations of a specific National Curriculum area, Key Stages 1 & 2 (Year 2) Geography Unit 4: Going to the Seaside.
Topic 3 THE NEW SMUGGLERS - EXEMPLAR MATERIALS FOR NATIONAL CURRICULUM KEY STAGES 3&4 have been designed to show how archived material can be used to stimulate understanding of present-day problems. It provides sample learning activities for KS3 Citezenship, Geography and History and KS3 Citezenship.
Topic 4 MAPPING CHANGE IN PLACE AND SOCIETY is developed from the New Smugglers to show how archival maps may be used to anaylise changes in urban and rural landscapes and changes in them as a resource for local history, geography fieldwork and environmental change.