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  Physical Changes
to the Coast
  Settlements & Society
  Managing the Coast
  Schools Learning Materials
Introduction to the materials in the archive

Going to the Seaside - Exemplar materials for National Curriculum Geography Key Stages 1&2

The New Smugglers - Exemplar materials for National Curriculum Key Stages 3&4

Mapping Change in Place and Society

Diversity and Citizenship in the Countryside

  Exemplar Materials for National Curriculum Geography Key Stages 1&2  

The learning package provides examples of archival material that illustrate the National Curriculum Unit, Going to the Seaside. Activities based on them are described and suggestions made for their use in teaching the Unit. There are direct digital links to the images, cross-references to learning objectives, information about the images and references to other source material available through new partnerships.

These resources are designed to lead pupils through an enquiry-based learning process, whereby evidence is presented and pupils respond to that evidence. Allowing children to express their opinions and understanding of issues at a range of scales (local, national and international) are core components of developing important geographical enquiry and skills. The ways in which each activity addresses these core objectives are detailed throughout the learning package.

The Inspire! boxes and the Partnership database are intended to provide opportunities for teachers to widen the learning experience. The direct links enable teachers to include support activities through new external partnerships that will excite a thirst for more information and bring about a change in the children’s perceptions of the world.