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  Physical Changes
to the Coast
  Settlements & Society
  Managing the Coast
  Schools Learning Materials
Introduction to the materials in the archive

Going to the Seaside - Exemplar materials for National Curriculum Geography Key Stages 1&2

The New Smugglers - Exemplar materials for National Curriculum Key Stages 3&4

Mapping Change in Place and Society

Diversity and Citizenship in the Countryside

  Diversity and Citizenship in the Countryside


Diversity of wealth, poor access to services, lack of affordable housing, problems of employment and low pay, uneconomic production, food security and immigration are only a few of the issues faced by communities in the countryside. The same issues affect urban communities as they rely on the countryside for their food supply and many of their leisure activities . This learning package offers examples of how using archival materials can help children, both rural and urban, understand some of these difficult and often controversial issues.

This Learning Package is designed to link historical information to the present-day issues of diversity and citizenship in the countryside. It provides access to archival material which can be used to stimulate both interest in and ask questions about these issues both in the past and today.


The material is designed to be managed by teachers within classroom situations. It is not designed to provide detailed lesson plans but is a resource from which teachers can select material for KS3 and 4 students.


There are 4 SECTIONS:

  1. Introduction to the site's aims and objectives and how it can be used
  2. Sample Learning Activities based on the Dorset Coast Digital Archive provide examples of how to use archival material from the DCDA site for National Curriculum Key Stage 3 in
    a) Citizenship b) History c) Geography
    It includes possibilities for cross-curricular work
  3. Sample Learning Activities specifically for National Curriculum KS4 Citizenship and beyond
  4. Countryside Resources provide links to other supporting material.

The first 3 Sections provide LINKS to supporting material and other sites.

The learning package also contains two types of boxes :

STARTER ACTIVITIES are in yellow boxes = investigation leading to discussion


KEY QUESTIONS are in blue boxes which provide structure for a series of lessons or PLENARY SESSIONS


Finally, where original documents are shown, a transcript link is also provided on the side panel.

You may print any of the material, provided that the DCDA is acknowledged as the source.

























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